Fins us:

About us

Rethinking own history. “Esimde-remember”.

Who are we?

This is a discussion platform for studying and understanding the events, facts, processes and “blank pages” that remain in the history and memory of the people.

We are the representatives of different professions, one way or another interconnected with history and memory, the passionate practitioners and theorists who are ready to make contributions to understanding the history of Kyrgyz Republic and Central Asia during the period XX-XXI centuries.

Our mission:

To promote a social shift in understanding the history and memory of Kyrgyz Republic during the period XX-XXI centuries.


  1. Historical enlightenment activity on rethinking memory and historical experience of the Kyrgyz Republic and Central Asia during the period XX-XXI.
  2. Revival and preservation of historical truth on the “blank pages” in history, including the recovery of memory about the victims of mass repressions.
  3. Stimulating public discussion on poorly studied aspects of Kyrgyz history in XX-XXI.
  4. Facilitating the values of human life, freedom and democracy in public conscience and state policy.
  5. We not only stimulate interest in history but also hope to lay the foundation to future significant initiatives that will open new (unbiased) views of the society of independent Kyrgyz Republic to its own past, present and future.
  6. Exploring diverse methodological approaches to research history and memory.


  1. Approaching history and memory through different ways — not limited only to conducting research — from employing visual practices through historical reconstructions to other public initiatives.
  2. We rely on interdisciplinary approaches in our research.